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Coastguard Emergency Number Dial 999 and ask for coastguard
Mundesley Coast Watch Station 01263 722399

Mundesley Medical Centre 01263 724500
Cromer Hospital 01263 513571

Visitor Centre 01263 721070 (Summer Only)

Mundesley Weather

 5.3 °C     NW     --- mph     4.8 °C     60 %    1026.2hPa    53 w/m2     0.0uv     
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Words & Pictures

Sunrise Pic by Ian


Thought this would get you ready for the summer.

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Bird food thief caught on camera


Had been expecting to find that a ten stone blackbird had moved in after all the food starting going down a bit quick. But no.

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Chip Van Incident


Looks like firefighters saved our local chip van from going up in smoke.

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Easter Holiday Weekend Weather


It's not been too shabby has it?!

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Real Time Tide Simulation

 1.11 m      

Simulation of tide position on Mundesley beach (12:49 on Sunday 07/02/2016). Tide is approximately 1.11 metres and coming in. Refresh page to update simulation.